Martin Buscher
Martin is the project leader and initiator of MarconISSta. His main tasks are the management of the project and the negotiations with ESA, DLR and ARISS. He also developed the operations concept for the payload. Besides MarconISSta, he currently leads a DLR funded project called SALSA in which a spectrum analyzer payload for small satellites is being developed.


Jens Großhans
Jens is a research assistant at the chair of space technology at TU Berlin and the systems engineer in the SALSA project. In MarconISSta he supports the students with his background knowledge on the LimeSDR payload.


Alexander Balke
Alex is a student worker in SALSA and our FPGA expert.


A Lohse

Alexander Lohse
Alex is part of the structures team and helps with the management of the project.


Alexander Maaß
Alex is a radio amateur and our expert on SDRs, ham radio and FPGA development. He works on the functional test procedures for MarconISSta and on the software. He also was one of the main players to identify the L/S band cables that we need to connect to on the ISS.

A Sullivan

Alex Sullivan
Alex is one of the main authors for new blog posts. He also helps with the test procedures and the test conduction.


Brian Treacy
Brian helps with the project management, documentation and verification processes.


Connor Jonas
Connor is the lead of MarconISSta’s structures team. He 3D-printed the Astro Pi and ARISS Pi, designed the first housing for MarconISSta and helps in defining the requirements for MarconISSta.


Ilja Skrypnyk
Ilja assembled the first Astro Pi. He also works on the calibration and operations procedures, and helps with the test procedures for the verification process.


Jitendra Bhat
Jitendra is the lead of the verification team and drafts procedures and test reports for EMC and Vibration.


Lakshya Datta
Laksh helped with online research of required components.

Max Krammer

Max Kramer
Max helped with the design of the housing and the analysis of the thermal characteristics.


Rishi Jaiswal
Rishi is working on the Operations manual of MarconISSta. He also helps with online research on required components, designs of shirts, mission patches, ….

Rudolph Berger
Rudi assembled the first ARISS Pi.

Tim Grfie

Tim Gräfje
Tim is our software expert and works on the configuration of the Astro Pi / ARISS Pi. He developed the software routines for remote control of the Pi and modified the open source software RX power to our needs.


Tobias Planitzer
Tobias assembled the first Astro Pi and is part of the structures team. He also helps with the test procedures for the touch test.



Former team members

AB Tom

Aby Tom
Aby helped with the configuration of the Astro Pi / ARISS Pi before changing to another university. Good luck for your future!

Alexander Linossier - Photo 150dpi

Alexander Linossier
Alex created the MarconISSta logo before leaving the country for his Master’s thesis. Good luck with your upcoming activities!