Martin von der Ohe (né Buscher)

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Martin is the project leader and initiator of MarconISSta. He maintains the webpage and currently analyzes the payload data that we receive.

Active team

Many students worked on MarconISSta during the past year and all contributed a lot – during their free time! This section presents the currently active team – the guys who developed the analysis software and work on data analysis.

Alexander Bauer

Alexander Bauer is an experienced Python coder. He works on the waterfall diagram for visualization of the payload data and its interface to the main GUI.

Timotheus Berg

Timo looks at methods on how to handle the huge amount of data we gathered. He has experience in machine learning and will use algorithms from various lecture courses to apply them on MarconISSta data.

Fynn Boyer

2018-05-21 11-29-09 5025.jpg

Fynn joined in April 2018 and created the Python/ Qt frontend based on our requirements and the design of Tobias and Robert. He also filled the interfaces of all buttons and fields of the GUI with life.

Jens Großhans


Jens is a research assistant at the chair of space technology at TU Berlin and supported the students with his background knowledge during the hardware design process. He currently supports the data analysis team to find ways to optimize pattern recognition.

José Manuel Diez Lopez

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José joined in April 2018 and immediately took lead of the GUI development team. He works on the SQL database, backend and connection of the interfaces, showing off with his experience in Python coding and excellent planning skills.


Former & retired team members

Students finish their study program, leave for new opportunities or simply their field of interest inside the project was successfully completed. This section honors contributors during the development of MarconISSta (in alphabetical order).

Aby Tom

AB Tom

Aby helped with the configuration of the Astro Pi / ARISS Pi before changing to another university.

Alexander Balke
Alex B. is a student worker in SALSA and our FPGA expert.

Alexander Linossier

Alexander Linossier - Photo 150dpi

Alex created the MarconISSta logo before leaving the country for his Master’s thesis.

Alexander Lohse

A Lohse

Alex L. was part of the structures team.

Alexander Maaß


Alex M. is a radio amateur and our expert on SDRs, ham radio and FPGA development. He worked on the functional test procedures for MarconISSta and on the software.

Alex Sullivan

A Sullivan

Alex S. was one of the authors for new blog posts. He also helped with the test procedures and the vibration test conduction.

Brian Treacy


Brian helped with the project management, documentation and verification processes.

Connor Jonas


Connor was the lead of MarconISSta’s structures team. He 3D-printed the Astro Pi and ARISS Pi, designed the first housing for MarconISSta and helped in defining the requirements for MarconISSta.

Ilja Skrypnyk


Ilja assembled the first Astro Pi. He also worked on operations procedures, and helped with the test procedures for the verification process. He and Jitendra wrote a student paper on the team’s efforts for the Small Sat Conference 2018 in Logan.

Jitendra Bhat


Jitendra was the lead of the verification team and drafted procedures and test reports for EMC and Vibration. He accompanied the vibration testing at Astrofein and the EMC testing at ArianeGroup in Bremen. He and Ilja wrote a student paper on the team’s efforts for the Small Sat Conference 2018 in Logan.

Lakshya Datta


Laksh helped with online research of required components.

Leonard Kobow

Leo worked on the 2D visualization of the spectrum data and the interface to the main GUI.

Luna Gräfje

2018-05-21 11-29-28 5030.jpg

Luna worked on the configuration of the Astro Pi / ARISS Pi. She developed the software routines for remote control of the Pi and modified the open source software Soapy Power to our needs.

Max Kramer

2018-05-21 11-29-38 5031.jpg

Max helped with the design of the housing and the analysis of the thermal characteristics.

Tobias Planitzer

2018-05-21 11-29-54 5036.jpg

Tobias assembled the first Astro Pi and was part of the structures team. He also helped with the test procedures for the touch test and accompanied the temperature testing.

Rishi Jaiswal


Rishi helped with the Operations manual of MarconISSta and with online research on required components.

Robert Marx

2018-05-21 11-28-45 5020.jpg

Robert worked on the checkout campaign of the hardware and was part of the software development team. He just moved to Seattle for an internship and we look forward to welcome him in the active team when he is back.

Rudolph Berger
Rudi assembled the first ARISS Pi.