Current status

Originally we did not plan to write another post before we can announce the installation date. But as weeks pass, we want to keep you updated with some good news: The integrated safety review was sucessful and the installation procedures have been reviewed as well.

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Finally, launch day! Although we have to wait for start of operations for a few more weeks, this day marks the major milestone of our project and the whole team was excited to follow the launch and early orbit phase of our experiment.

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Final Test @ BIOTESC

Three days before launch and few weeks before operations, the procedures for setting up our experiments were validated at BIOTESC in Hergiswil, Switzerland. Located at the Vierwaldstätter See, BIOTESC is one of ESA’s USOCs (User Support & Operations Center) and responsible for the operations and crew support for various ESA experiments like CIMON, Flying Classroom or MarconISSta.

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Have you ever wondered who is responsible for the global coordination of radio frequency spectrum? It’s the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and its members. The ITU composed and maintains the ITU Radio Regulations which contain all regulatory procedures and guidelines for the efficient use of RF spectrum. Can MarconISSta be useful for the ITU?

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