Experiment continues

After both Astro Pi and subsequently LimeSDR were not responsive two weeks ago, we wondered what went wrong. Analyses yielded that a conflict in experiment scheduling caused a failure on the Astro Pi, while the failure on LimeSDR was caused by an undervoltage condition. Anyhow, this is to let you know that the system is running again.

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Summary of Week 1

We are getting more familiar with the received data and start to realize the amount of work ahead of us. Not only will it be very difficult to decide on the bands that shall be investigated each week, it is even more difficult to identify various signals that we receive and how to interpret them.

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Current status

Originally we did not plan to write another post before we can announce the installation date. But as weeks pass, we want to keep you updated with some good news: The integrated safety review was sucessful and the installation procedures have been reviewed as well.

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