End-of-year update

With 2019 coming to an end, it is time to look back on what happened after MarconISSta was deinstalled in February. First, we have to apologize for the radio silence of the past months.

What happened in the past months?

To be honest, much less than expected. As in many projects, team member took some time off after pressure dropped with the deinstallation and the parallel start of semester break and exam phase. After this, the team, shrinked to a size of about 5 people, gathered again to prepare the data analysis phase. First steps were promising. The team improved the offline analysis tool and at the same time implemented a database for better processing of the ~12 GB of data. Additionally, a web platform for data visualization was created. However, we have to admit that these tools have not been finalized yet and not in a condition in which we planned to publish. In any case, we now decided to show the status and will see how we can complete open tasks in 2020.

Online Visualization

You can find the current version at https://data.marconissta.com/. This tool allows to visualize short-term analysis of the MarconISSta data in heatmaps and waterfall diagrams. We ahve to admit that the visualization is far from perfect yet, but this should at least give you an impression of what can be done with the data.

Future work

This blog post partly serves as a motivation (for ourselves) to complete the open tasks. Luckily we currently have some new students who do there thesis on the following topics:

  • Use of machine learning for data analysis
  • Implementation of geolocation algorithms to identify signal sources
  • Detailed analysis of the “All power to the ISS” competition
  • Detailed heatmap analysis
  • Classification of received RF signals
  • (Preparation of MarconISSta phase II)

Happy holidays

The MarconISSta team wishes you happy holidays and a healthy fresh start in 2020. Hope to update you soon on our latest achievements.

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