MarconISSta: Mission completed

This morning we were informed that MarconISSta was deinstalled on Saturday, February 9th 2019, by NASA astronaut Anne McClain. The system is stowed in a safe location and waits for MarconISSta phase II, which we currently plan for not earlier than the end of this year.

Since no data was downloaded before deinstallation, we only have the data that has been published already. From this data, we will try to identify all successful transmissions. If you see your transmission in the plots, comment accordingly. Some people noted that they are not able to comment, but we could not figure out why. Please just try again, maybe with another browser, commenting is enabled without login.

Additionally, we will send our remaining mission stickers to all participants that would like to have a nice keepsake. We have around 10-20 stickers of different sizes left and look forward to see them in your shacks. Tell us your mail address and your ISS transmission details via the contact form.

Also, we would like to thank – once again – our partners who made this project possible (in alphabetical order): Airbus, Altec, ARISS, BioTESC, DLR, ESA, NASA and all involved TU Berlin students.

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