All Power To The ISS: First Results

What a week! During the past three days, we had as many visitors on our blog as in all weeks before in total. Thank you once again for contributing to our experiment. We need more time to process the data, but you might be curious if we received your data.

First results

For a quick review, we upload PNG files of the waterfall plots of the last week. Find out yourselves if your signal can be seen. You can tell us your findings in the comments of each figure! Over the next days, we will upload better processed data. So far, we removed some artefacts and the noise floor. The wideband signals that are visible over the whole band are either APRS artefacts from the ARISS transceivers or radar signals over some regions of the world.

What happens next?

We will continue to record in UHF until Saturday 23:57 UTC. In the following, we will do two days of L Band (1260-1270 MHz) and S Band (2394-2404 MHz), in case that we will not get deinstalled before. Deinstallation is still schedule for Saturday, but if crew is too busy we might get an extension.

3 thoughts on “All Power To The ISS: First Results

  1. These plots are by far not detailed enough to identify a signal.And all passes across Europe are overwhelmed by interferences. The design of this experiment seems to be pretty poor. Pretty much a waste of time here.


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