Back in the game

Hello 2019 and sorry for waking up so late! We apologize for not posting any updates for the past few weeks!

MarconISSta had a slow start in 2019
As you know, the MarconISSta outreach team had a slow start in 2019 and completely forgot to post any updates, but even the hardware prefered to start slow. Since there was no commanding scheduled between the holidays, MarconISSta entered a two-week autonomous operations period on December 20th 2018. Unfortunately, it did not wake up when ground control tried to access it two weeks later. It turned out that the device had randomly failed on December 29th 2018. Until crew time could be allocated on January 7th and the hardware could be revived, nine days of data have been lost. But it could have been worse. Thanks to CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques for rebooting MarconISSta.

Operations in 2019
After this bumpy start, MarconISSta finished an S band survey that was originally planned to be finalized during the holidays. Afterwards we did a UHF survey using different antennas to do some testing with the hardware, followed by a VHF survey this week.

This has nothing to do with the text above, but it looks cool.

UHF survey – get involved
What’s next? Well, there is only little more than a month left before we will (temporarily) store MarconISSta. Besides an L/S antenna analysis that will be conducted some time in mid-January, we will focus on the UHF amateur-satellite for the next weeks and invite all of you to follow the slogan “All power to the ISS!” and do some link tests from your ground station right into our receiving antennas. We will monitor the full range of 435 to 438 MHz. Best results are expected if you use constant carrier signal only with powers from 50W and at least 10 dBi antenna gain. But let’s find out what’s possible. If you do not use Doppler correction, we will try to track you and tell you where (approximately) your location is. Please let us know if you did some transmissions by replying in the comments.


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