Weekly Update (week 48-50)

Things have been busy, as the end of the year approaches fastly and administrative jobs have to be completed. Sorry for not posting any news for week 48 and 49 before.

Current status

The experiment ran nominally for 10 weeks now. It seems like all bugs have been eliminated. We received 9 GBs of data:

  • VHF: 16 days of recordings
  • UHF: 33 days of recordings
  • L band: 13 days of recordings
  • S band: 24 days of recordings

We will now start to look into various bands that initially were of secondary interest, after which we will look at the amateur bands again to investigate time/ season variations of the signals.

Some new plots for you

Here are some new plots for you, recorded in week 49 and 50. The first three plots show long and strong signals on 414 MHz, a frequency which is used for space-space applications, e.g. Extravehicular Activity. Although no EVA was planned during the time, it could have been part of the preparation for the outstanding EVA that was performed on Dec 11th. The recurring horizontal lines are artefacts from the ARISS APRS beacons.

Below is another interesting sighting. Of particular interest is the fast sweep around 13:40 on 155-157 MHz.


We get a lot of very different signals and have a great time identifying them. Everybody who wants to contribute is invited to do so in the comments!

Further steps

A Columbus power-down is planned on Dec 19th. After that, we will have automated operations until January 3rd, observing parts of the S band range. MarconISSta’s first phase is currently planned to be completed in the end February, but we already have plans to continue afterwards. It would be a waste to stop now!


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