Weekly update (week 42)

GUI improvements

Before we launch the web interface, we work on improving our offline analysis tools. Alex Bauer (nickname waterfalek) is our responsible programmer for the waterfall plot. His waterfall plotting tool can remove noise, change the colormap and add markers. In its latest revision a map was added in which the user can see where the ISS was at the time of measurements. Next step is to implement text markers with which the user can identify different signals and store this information in the database. Later, this can be used in the web interface to cooperate with various users to identify all signals in the plots.

ARISS face-to-face meeting

Martin did a remote presentation at the ARISS face-to-face meeting to show some preliminary results of MarconISSta. Oliver Amend (DG6BCE) assisted on-site and led the following discussions. The feedback was astonishing, with great ideas for further use of the data. Thanks ARISS once again for making this project possible!

New data arrived

After we had problems with the setup in the beginning of October, we had to wait two weeks to find out if the experiment works nominal again. Luckily it does! On Thursday we received 200 MB of new data with many interesting captures. One of these was a varying artefact around 2402 MHz that seems to be oscillating in sync with the ISS’s orbit. Another interesting result of last week was that we received good data in UHF, even though we accidentally recorded using the L/S band patch antenna instead of the VHF/UHF antenna.


Soyuz launch failure impacts?

Various people asked if we are impacted by the launch failure of Soyuz MS-10. The answer is maybe. For the unlikely event that the remaining crew has to leave the crew with no replacement, ESA currenly checks which experiments can stay operational. If everything continuous to work nominal, MarconISSta can stay operational without crew on-board. For this reason, we expect to be online at least until February/ March 2019.

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