Weekly update

Starting from today, we will have a weekly update on activity.


MarconISSta is running again since October 4th. We will receive the new data on October 18th. Unfortunately, for this week’s UHF measurements the wrong antenna was selected during configuration (L/S instead of VHF/UHF). This will be corrected during the commanding window next Thursday.

AMSAT-UK Colloquium & ARISS face-to-face meeting

MarconISSta was mentioned by Ciaran Morgan (M0XTD) during the AMSAT-UK Colloquium as part of the ARISS STEM activities. And they already have plans for MarconISSta after our experiment time is over! Also, Oliver Amend will give a talk on MarconISSta during the annual ARISS face-to-face meeting which takes place on October 17th-19th in Washington, DC, USA.

Preparation for web interface

While waiting for new data, the student team keeps improving the GUI for data analysis. At the same time, they prepare a web interface that let’s you create your own heatmaps! Just to mention this again, these students do this in their free time, without getting paid or getting credit points!

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