Experiment continues

After both Astro Pi and subsequently LimeSDR were not responsive two weeks ago, we wondered what went wrong. Analyses yielded that a conflict in experiment scheduling caused a failure on the Astro Pi, while the failure on LimeSDR was caused by an undervoltage condition. Anyhow, this short post is to let you know that the system is running again. We also successfully installed new firmware (version 4) and gateware (version 2 rev 17) on the LimeSDR. Since our ground operators from BioTESC are not available this week, we will receive the next experiment status and data not before October 18th. Let’s hope that we don’t experience another anomalie until then. Find the scheduling of MarconISSta here: Scheduling

4 thoughts on “Experiment continues

  1. Good to know… Now have, bit better antenna, dual quad + reflector (approx. 11 dB gain) plus nice pass by of ISS on 12.10. / 12:44-12:55 CET, with only 422 km distance.


    1. Djani, sorry I have to inform you that I did something wrong in the parameter list that I sent to the ISS last week. Although tuned to UHF, we accidentally use the L/S band patch antenna for this week’s run, so the chance is almost zero that we receive something. Unfortunately I cannot change to the normal values before Thursday… Sorry for that! 73s Martin


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