Schedule & Heatmaps

It is already a month ago that MarconISSta was installed, and a lot was learned during this time. Want to know more?

Big data & Scheduling

As described in the last post, we receive a lot of data that we have to analyze. 800 MB per week take their tribute and will need lots of time for thoroughful assessment.  At the same time, planning takes longer than expected and a tool was needed to publish the frequency band under investigation. You can now find all dates here: Scheduling

First down-time

After operations in week 01 were nominal, there was a planned power-down of the Columbus module on Thursday, August 23rd 2018. MarconISSta was also turned off for a day and successfully rebooted afterwards. However, at the next scheduled command window on August 30th it was revealed that MarconISSta stopped working on August 28th. It took us until September 6th that connection could be reestablished, after a manual reboot by the crew. Accordingly, there was only little data of week 02 and no data of week 03. However, week 04 data showed some nice data of the L band.

First heatmaps

Almost the complete measurements of week 04 were taken in the L band. This gave us the opportunity to test the 2D heatmap visualization, which you can see below. These heatmaps only include data of three consecutive days. But there are already some interesting things to be seen, like the different use of these two frequencies (little use of 1263.5 MHz in Africa compared to 1264 MHz). Can you spot more differences?




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