Installation successful! First data received!

We are happy to announce that the installation on Monday, August 13th 2018, was successful. NASA astronaut Serena Maria Auñón-Chancellor did a great job in the installation. As you can see on the title photo, there are quite a lot of cables and small components that need to be connected.

After the installation, our colleagues from BioTESC took over and successfully accessed the Astro Pi which is borrowed from ESA/ Raspberry Pi Foundation for MarconISSta. They ran a number of test runs by executing commands that we send to them beforehand. As a matter of fact, we randomly recorded some signals that were send from another amateur radio system aboard the ISS when Alexander Gerst contacted a school as part of his ham radio activities. A preprocessed visualization of this recording can be seen below. The ham radio signals are sent at 145.8 MHz and the high peak was detected by MarconISSta. In the following days and weeks, we will do more analysis of the first data and set up a scheduler on which interested parties can request certain measurements, to detect satellites, ground station passes, school contacts and others.



2 thoughts on “Installation successful! First data received!

    1. Good question! ARISS has different antennas on the COLUMBUS module, and we use one VHF/UHF antenna for lower bands and a L/S band antenna for higher bands. The VHF/UHF is a special monopole antenna that allows both VHF & UHF use at the same time, while the L/S is a patch antenna. While we can use the L/S antenna exclusively, the VHF/UHF are shared with other ARISS activities. For that, we had to induce an RF coppler which results in some coupling loss for us. Let us know if you have further questions!


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