Installation date confirmed!

Finally! MarconISSta will (tentatively) be installed on Monday, August 13th 2018, at 10:10 GMT/UTC (12:10 Central European Summer Time). NASA astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor will install MarconISSta, we can’t wait to get the first data!

After all final checks and reviews have been passed, it was difficult to allocate crew-time. The six astronauts and cosmonauts are currently so busy that it was almost impossible to find time for the installation, although it is comparatively quick. If there are no delays in any other crew activities*, the scheduled installation will take about 70 minutes. After the correct setup has been confirmed, BioTESC will uplink the first commands and we already receive first signals on Monday evening. Obviously we first have to calibrate the system and do some initial experiments, so don’t expect us to present heatmaps at the first day. But we will definitely let you know on Monday if everything worked out fine.

At this stage, we would like to express our gratitude to ESA, DLR, NASA, BioTESC and ARISS once again. And additionally to Serena, thank you for your support!


* There is always the chance that something more important comes up – therefore further delays are still possible.

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