Current status

Originally we did not plan to write another post before we can announce the installation date. But as weeks pass, we want to keep you updated with some good news: The integrated safety review was successful and the installation procedures have been reviewed as well.

If many different systems are involved, integrated safety can become an extensive task. And as the ARISS setup includes many components that have been uploaded over the years with different safety data packages, ARISS had to look into many data packages to find the relevant information for MarconISSta integration. From a technical view, there was no question if MarconISSta is safe for installation and operations – but as crew safety and component safety are the most important issues of human spaceflight, the documentation has to be accurate and complete. ARISS did an amazing job in finding all the relevant data packages and submitting them to NASA for integrated safety. They carefully checked the integrated safety and – as expected – approved MarconISSta. That allowed other parties (mainly ESA) to review the installation procedures for MarconISSta – and with few comments only the final version will be issued soon. Upload of these is expected on August 3rd, which means that afterwards MarconISSta can be finally installed. Installation is currently expected for mid/end of August.

Anything else?

See below our team members Alex Bauer, Jitendra Bhat-Hire, Max Kramer and Alex Maaß at LNDW, where they spent their Saturday night presenting MarconISSta to interested visitors of all ages. Thanks to Robert Marx for printing the poster and setting things up!


Also, we did a short video on MarconISSta which is still in production. A side-project is a nice gif that shows what our heatmaps of frequency use might look like.


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