Have you ever wondered who is responsible for the global coordination of radio frequency spectrum? It’s the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and its members. The ITU composed and maintains the ITU Radio Regulations which contain all regulatory procedures and guidelines for the efficient use of RF spectrum. Can MarconISSta be useful for the ITU?

Yes, it can! While the ITU coordinates filings of frequency use, it is difficult to resolve any issues that originate from “wrong” use of frequencies. Also, it is very difficult to judge if a frequency band is “crowded”, “too crowded”, or “relatively free”. Actual measurements are therefore helpful to support ITU studies on current and future use of bands.

Martin supports ITU study groups on small satellites and their regulatory treatment. For this work, he travels to Geneva twice a year to discuss intermediate study results with other study group members. Study group members include delegates from various interest groups like DLR, ESA, NASA, JAXA and many more. And some of the members have been involved in the MarconISSta development process and/ or work on similar projects. Since we have to take the (ground testing) hardware to Luzern on Friday, Martin took the chance and brought it to the ITU study group meeting in Geneva to show it to some of the delegates. As you can see, the interest was very high.

Tomorrow the hardware will (hopefully) pass its last test before launch. Pictures will follow!

Cathy Sham (NASA) and Ralf Ewald (DLR). Cathy is the responsible RF frequency coordinator for the ISS. Naturally, MarconISSta needed her approval for spectrum use and she was happy to see the actual hardware that she approved.
Mike Willis (UKSA), Hans Blondeel Timmerman (IARU) and Wouter Jan Ubbels (ISIS). As radio amateurs (G0MJW, PB2T & PE4WJ) they are particularly interested in the outcome of the MarconISSta measurements in the radio amateur bands.

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