Validation of procedures at EAC

Today was the validation of installation/ deinstallation procedures of MarconISSta. Martin went to the ESA European Astronaut Centre (EAC) to go through the installation procedures with staff from DLR, ESA crew training and BIOTESC (the Operations Centre for MarconISSta).

2018-03-21 14-21-26 4387
Juri welcomes guests at EAC.
2018-03-21 13-48-40 4381.jpg
Roland, Jeannine (both BIOTESC) and Uwe (ESA EAC) checking the installation procedures (Gwen from BIOTESC and Christian from DLR missing in picture).

Each step of the installation is captured in procedures that the astronauts go through for experiment setup. As can be imagined the crew time is verey limited and any delay in the installation due to unsufficient procedures has to be avoided. The MarconISSta procedures were written by BIOTESC and TU Berlin and were now checked by experienced ESA staff for any missing links, wrong references etc. And although we checked the steps several times, there were still things that could be optimized as identified by ESA.

In the end, we agreed that with an updated version of the procedures the astronauts will be able to install the system without any difficulties. Thanks to ESA and BIOTESC for the great work and the interesting insights!

2018-03-21 13-37-26 4379
The experiment on a desk top plate in the COLUMBUS module mock-up (not at its final position during flight).

What’s next?

We continue to work on the analysis software and finalize documentation for ESA and NASA. The next BIG milestone will be the launch in May.

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