Touch temperature test

This week the team conducted the touch temperature test on the housing.  The goal was to confirm that the housing will remain in a safe temperature range for the astronauts to handle once it is on the International Space Station.  To accomplish this, the LimeSDR was secured in the housing and turned on for multiple hours.  The test was conducted by within a box, which may not seem significant. However, on the ISS there is constant airflow within the Columbus module and this has a significant effect of the cooling properties of the housing. Therefore, conducting this test inside of a box with negligible airflow acts as a kind of worst case scenario.  A requirement of ISS experiments is that surface temperatures remain below 40 °C, or about the average temperature of a laptop when surfing the web.  As the header photo shows, temperature sensors measured the MarconISSta housing to stay below the temperature requirement in a worst case scenario.  Well done calculating Max Kramer!

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