Housing fit-check


The custom aluminum housing for the LimeSDR completed its initial machining so we went for the first fit-check.  Here we see the LimeSDR within the housing, connected a test antenna and USB powersource.

2017-10-23 13-41-05-11

In order to prevent injuries to astronauts, our experiment should not have any sharp edges, protrusions or corners. Also, the surface temperature cannot exceed 40°C.  While our simulations have shown the integrated system will not come close to that temperature, we wanted to do a quick test during the fit-check.  A proper temperature test will be conducted after the final assembly is available. FLIR0001

Our infrared confirmed that the temperature should stay within the safety margins thanks to the top grid structure dissipating heat.  Well done Connor and Max!

The housing is now off for engraving.  We are expecting delivery next week.