Have you ever wondered who is responsible for the global coordination of radio frequency spectrum? It’s the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and its members. The ITU composed and maintains the ITU Radio Regulations which contain all regulatory procedures and guidelines for the efficient use of RF spectrum. Can MarconISSta be useful for the ITU?

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Awaiting launch

Once again we did not update our blog for some weeks – why? Well, the main reason is that we are currently focusing on the development of a GUI for data analysis. The first steps for this are always not very interesting for the public, as requirements have to be defined and backend (background) tools […]

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Cargo Review passed!

Great news, we passed the cargo review! With that, the hardwarwe is now safely stowed in a Cargo Transfer Bag (CTG) and waiting for the flight to the ISS in May 2018. It will be part of the Orbital Cygnus 9E cargo.

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Almost there!

As workload increased for the final development phase, we completely forgot to keep you updated – sorry for that. Many things have been achieved since our last post: We released the flight software, finished the USB interface test, passed the EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) test and submitted our flight safety data package for ESA safety review. […]

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